17 Sulman Ave, Salter Point, Western Australia, 6152

About Us

INTACHEM supply technical services and specialty chemicals to various industrial market sectors. These include Oil and Gas, Minerals Processing, Water Chemicals and Packaging.

We are committed to providing innovative and cost effective “Solutions to Customers”. Our unique product chemistry and application technologies produce leading edge solid/liquid phase separation alternatives to clients.

Our Water Chemicals division is complimented by our licensed water filtration equipment, ie. Textile Media Filter (TMF).

Our commitment to industry delivers globally competitive water soluble synthetic flocculants and super absorbent polymer products for a broad range of water treatment and materials handling applications. These include some of the highest molecular weight polyacrylamide flocculants commercially available in the world today and Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP’s) tailored to cost effectively meet materials handling and reagent dewatering applications.

Innovative engineering solutions are available for the total management of mine site water from production, treatment, phase separation to disposal.

INTACHEM also supply Minerals Processing reagents such as Depressants, Activators, Collectors, Promoters and Frothers.

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17 Sulman Ave,
Salter Point, Western Australia, 6152